Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's missing from this video?

  • Google ads everywhere
  • porn
  • smudges
  • toothpaste on the bathroom mirror
  • bus shelter graffiti


  1. Besides the things you mentioned, there are a lot of little nitpicky details where they messed things up.

    They've got these weird little iPhone thingies where they are supposedly video chatting with people, but there aren't any cameras on them. Also notice the lack of the camera when the children are talking to their grandma on the kitchen table.

    How does the refrigerator know the difference between moving a photo and drawing on it?

    And the 3D TV without any glasses? Impossible! Not to mention how it literally pops out of the screen in holographic fashion.

  2. It's supposed to be the future, so maybe the cameras are hidden everywhere, constantly watching everyone.

    Maybe the drawing thing is dependent on a chip implanted in the brain, so it can read your intent.

    I only listed the things that are likely to still exist (or become worse) in the future.

    But if that really is the future, buy some stock in Windex, now.